The Batman Revealed! Robert Pattinson's Batman Gives Fans a Tease

The Batman Revealed! Robert Pattinson’s Batman Gives Fans a Tease

Well, the internet got quite a shock this weekend! Matt Reeves leaked some test footage for his upcoming Batman film and there are certainly some strong opinions.

Sporting what looks to be something of a style between what we saw in the Arkham Knight game and the costume design of Daredevil from the Netflix series. Which in this writer’s opinion; it’s a pretty strong look.

While there has been some people clamoring that this is far from a final look due to the moniker of test footage, they’re forgetting something. This is exactly how Todd Phillips teased the look and feel of his Joker movie about two years back.

Phillips released test footage of Joaquin Phoenix sort of transforming into the Joker. It received a lot of praise and it inevitably led to Phillips leaving the Joker with that look. 

So if you really like the look that Reeves is going for tin this footage, make yourself heard. Odds are he’ll probably leave it this way if the current comments are anything to go off of.

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