SNYDER CUT NEW PHOTOS - Time to start the hype again

SNYDER CUT NEW PHOTOS – Time to start the hype again

Only a short while back we caught you guys up on what exactly the deal was with The Snyder Cut and where it all properly began. Well, it seems that Zack Snyder is not done. And has new attempts to keep the hype train going and posted some new photos.

Wait hold on a freaking second. We were supposed to get Swamp Thing? Are you kidding me?! Oh wait I guess that could also be Green Lantern… Remember how he was teased? Yeah, thanks Whedon.

The fan favorite and controversial director has once again taken to social media and teased what could have been. Featuring the core Justice League crew teaming up without Superman, in what appears to be the Batwing. 

Theories, speculation and huge changes have surrounded the Justice League movie for quite some time. The secrecy behind Joss Whedon reshooting basically the whole movie led to tonal whiplash that would make JK Simmons proud. 

The signs were there from the very beginning

You don’t have to look much further than the original trailer VS the released product. There was so much that was obviously completed, and so little of it seems to have made the cut.

Snyder has also been extremely vocal about the cut that he directed, and how he hopes for fans to see it someday. Many assumed that this was Snyder’s way of just trying to make his movie more popular when it crashed. However, after some of his cast confirmed that it exists and that it needs to be seen, hype certainly took over.

Which brings us back around to today. There’s a rumor floating around that we may be getting the Snyder Cut when HBOMax launches later this year. Combined with the support from stars like Jason Momoa, there is some credence behind it.

Would you like to see the Snyder Cut? Do you really care about the whole thing or is superhero cinema not really your cup of Coppol- I mean tea. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think of Snyders teases throughout the year.