SNYDER CUT UPDATE - New image again this week!

SNYDER CUT UPDATE – New image again this week!

Well, I guess someone has a lot of free time on his hands. Zack Snyder gave us yet another tease this week for a new scene that never made it to the Whedon cut!

With a caption insinuating that the location is the infamous S.T.A.R. Labs from the comics, we have even more theories! Could be this was a leftover part of Cyborg’s story that never got much attention. Or it could be something to do with Flash and tying in a future storyline. Most excitingly, it could be something that simply never made it to Whedon in general.

In other words,  a completely different storyline that nobody but a privileged few even know exists.

You might be wondering why people get so riled up and hyped when the Snyder Cut gets brought up. Simply put, it’s a long gestating crowd project with a goal of getting Warner Bros to release the original cut of Justice League. Back when Justice League was shooting, Zack Snyder had to leave the project prematurely. Warner Bros brought in MCU director Joss Whedon for reshoots.

Resulting in not just reshoots, but a complete overhaul of more than half of the movie. Leaving Snyder’s vision left on the cutting room floor and several missing scenes from the trailer. On top of just having tons of technical shortcomings and conflicting tones throughout the movie.

What began as a simple cry to WB for something tangible has become a rockslide of support for Snyder. Nerd celebrities like Kevin Smith have seen it, stars Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck have seen it etc. There is something legitimately out there for fans to see, but WB is being pretty coy about the whole thing. 

Rumors have begun swirling that we may be seeing a Snyder Cut releasing on HBOMax later this year. However, those rumors are purely speculation at this point with no real quantifiable data to back it up.

Nonetheless, we’d love to see a Snyder Cut. If you’ve read our previous articles on the topic, you know it’s real. We just hope that someday soon, WB sees fit to finally give fans what they want, and Snyder the justice he deserves.

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