Star Wars the High Republic, What is it?

Star Wars the High Republic, What is it?

So Disney finally rolled back the curtain on the mysterious “project luminous”. Well, it turns out that its more prequels, set 200 years before the prequel movies.

Before you get too excited, these are not movies. It will be a collection of books, comics and art that tells the canonical story running up to the fall of the Jedi and the reign of the Empire.

Effectively, this is Disney’s way of trying to create new source material and canon that was axed from the EU.

Not a whole lot is known about The High Republic as of yet. There were some books on it back in Lucas’ day but as far as Disney is concerned, we frankly have no idea.

Could be amazing, could be completely unnecessary and could be a remineder that Disney should not have axed the EU. Whatever the case may be, with the strong return of Clone Wars, hopefully Star Wars is back.