Taika Waititi Netflix series is on the way

Taika Waititi Netflix series is on the way

Today marks yet another exciting announcement from Netflix. Shortly after the announcement of broadening their entertainment horizons, we have news of a Taika Waititi Netflix series coming as well. Turns out, that it is a serialized version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The Academy Award Winning Director has seen a huge spike in his popularity after the massive success of Thor Ragnarok. His previous hits established his wacky sense of humor and pitch perfect timing, but until recently he wasn’t a household name.

While Ragnarok was great, it was Jojo Rabbit where he really proved his dramatic timing and originality. Which he did so without losing his signature sense of humor and style.

Taikia Waitita on set for Thor Ragnarok
I mean… How can you not love this guy? (Not Naomi Watts btw, right? She wasn’t in Ragnarok… Yeah)

Sounds to us like this story would be right up his alley! I mean, it can’t possibly be any weirder than the Tim Burton one. And living up to the iconic quotability of the Gene Wilder film, no small task.

Have no fear, Originality is here!

Luckily for us, these are going to be two entirely original series, the first of which will be focused on the Oompa Loompas. Oh, also they will be animated.

In an interview with Variety on this announcement, Netflix’s Melissa Cobb had this to say:

“In the words of Willy Wonka himself – we are ‘Delighted! Charmed! Overjoyed!’ with Taika’s appointment on this project,” Gideon Simeloff, commercial and entertainment director for the Roald Dahl Story Company, added. “There is something undeniably Wonka-esque about Taika’s creative flair and inimitable sense of humor and we cannot think of anyone more perfectly suited to leading the creative charge on these first of their kind, feature-quality Netflix shows.”

Quite frankly, we’re excited to see this project! Waititi’s infectious enthusiasm for hilarity and his amazing control of filmmaking is a wonderful combination.