There's An Animatronic Baby Yoda...

There’s An Animatronic Baby Yoda…

… Because, of course there is.

I would say that it is just in time for the holidays but hey, we’re past all of that now.

Nonetheless, do you want a Baby Yoda (even though its name is The Child) that moves and blinks? No? Well, you can get one for you friends!

The dumb thing stands about 8 inches tall (I think?), it moves its head, arm and closes its eyes. Ya know, like how it does it in the show when it stops the charging alien space rhino.

At the very least, the toy is very well detailed and pretty freaking cool to look at! It looks like a really cool collectors item for ages young and old.

Do you want a Baby Yoda animatronic toy? Or is it completely unwarranted?

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