TOM HANKS UPDATE - Actor receives hilarious responses

TOM HANKS UPDATE – Actor receives hilarious responses

A short while ago, the famous actor Tom Hanks was diagnosed to be positive with coronavirus. After a few days the actor has shared another update on Twitter, and some fans are having a field day with it.

The actor proudly displayed some very Aussie spirit with some toast, a kangaroo, and that world famous Vegemite. Vegemite. If you have not tasted it man do I really envy you.

Tom Hanks and his wife were diagnosed with Coronavirus a few short days ago, and it was announced on Twitter that they’d remain in Australia. Seems to be working for them as they seem to be recovering well if a little uncomfortable.

Hopefully things continue to improve, with Hanks having an upcoming WWII film it seems likely that we’ll see him return soon. As quarantine around the US mount, we have plenty of time to stay updated.

Just stop feeding the man Vegemite Australia, there’s no call for that. He’s sick, not a war criminal.