Top 10 Couches to Social Distance Yourself On

Top 10 Couches to Social Distance Yourself On

With all of us staying indoors a lot more right now, we need some comfortable places to lay down on, nap on, or binge-watch our favorite Netflix shows on. It might be a difficult time to go out right now and find the right couch for you, but luckily, we have compiled a list of the best couches you can get RIGHT NOW!

Burrow Sofa

This is a great overall sofa for your lounging needs. It’s not too expensive, it’s sturdy, it’s sleek, and it will ship to within the week after ordering. The upholstery is stain-resistant and there is a charging port built-in to it, so you don’t have to worry about your phone dying while you play that next episode. 

Zinus Sunny Modern Sofa

It’s hard to find a good sofa for a good price, but that is exactly what the Zinus Sunny is. It won’t break the bank, and you are getting some solid comfort with it. Much like their memory foam mattresses, the sofa is soft and cushy, perfect for your binging periods. 

Room & Board Easton Sectional

If you want a couch that you can customize and move its parts around, then look no further. This sectional may not be as sleek as some other options, but you are getting a great product that you can shape as you a please. 

Blue Dot One Night Stand

This sofa looks small, but if you take the pillows off and flip the base forward, you got yourself a queen sized bed. It’s perfect for those days when you really want to lounge, allowing you the comfort of a mattress, with the option to flip it back into a sleek couch if you need to. 

Ashley Furniture Ryler Sofa

For those of us with kids, leather is a good way to go. This leather sofa is sure to help with those inevitable spills and messes, and it’s comfortable. No need to sacrifice one for the other when you can have both in this one package. 

Joybird Preston Sofa

For those looking for a more modern, sleek design, this is a great sofa for you. It’s sleek, it fits into almost any room, and it’s customizable. What more could you want from a couch?

West Elm Hamilton Sofa

If you are willing to shell out some extra money for top-of-the-line leather, then this is for you. This couch features the best leather you could ask for, being able to take any damage that a child or pet could throw at it. 

Darcy Sofa Chaise

Just the very look of this sofa screams comfort, with its huge, plushy cushions. And it comes at less than $500, which is an absolute steal! If you are looking for a nice sectional to put in your living room, this is a great option!

Liberty Reversible Sleeper Sectional         

This double-edged sword comes as a solid sectional and fold-out bed, and it comes in five different colors. It’s comfortable, sleek, and adaptable to any room.     

Clara Sleeper Sofa   

This couch is simple in the best way; it won’t stand out like a sore thumb, it can fit into any style, and it’s just comfortable It can convert into a pull-out mattress for guests, and fold back in with ease. You can’t go wrong with this option!

None of these couches are a wrong decision for anyone looking to update their furniture right now. All of them will suit your binge-watching, game-marathoning, frequent-napping needs.

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