Trump Says "Social Distancing will NOT be extended!" - Concerns are raised

Trump Says “Social Distancing will NOT be extended!” – Concerns are raised

If you’re anything like 43% of the US right now, Trump has sort of fallen from grace over the course of COVID’s rampancy. One thing that Trump has recently been adamant about has been the social distancing. Namely, that he has no plans on extending it.

Trump stated that because roughly 28 states were planning on partial reopenings by the end of the week, he sees no reason to do so.

While this is welcome news for businesses throughout the US, it raises concerns for others. Right now the US is sitting at more than one million COVID cases and around 65,000 fatalities total. So some people are seeing this statement as a little premature around the edges.

Bear in mind however, that the US also say more than 30 million people file for unemployment after losing a job. Which is the highest national average for unemployment that we’ve ever seen. People right now are more afraid of being broke, destitute and unable to survive because of banks and loans.

It’s certainly a strange time for saying that we hope for reopenings this quickly after the initial spread of the virus. As the world cautiously tries to find hope in the news, Trump’s statement does have some optimistic backings.

The World is Certainly Cautiously Optimistic

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In China, there have been no new coronavirus cases for almost a whole week straight. New Zealand, Australia and South Korea have reported no new cases since February. States like Alaska have reported a more than 70% dropoff and plan to reopen their economy. Italy and Spain have begun cautious reopenings after hitting an apex.

However, a helping of optimism must come with guidelines of pragmatism. While a good portion of the world is ready and raring for a reopening, other parts of the world are not so fortunate.

Russia has been struggling to contain the virus since its initial outbreak. Germany has extended stay at home orders after failing to hit an apex over the last couple of weeks. States like New York and California continue to hit the apex.

Hopefully we see a drop in active cases worldwide as we push towards Summer and see countries start to reopen. It may not be easy or quick, but the demand for such a decision is absolutely increasing.


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