UK Hosts Vaccine Summit Over Calls to ‘Make it Free to Everyone’

Distribution, Implementation and Vaccination

As the world protests, braces and tries to become relatively normal, a new issue is arising. That issue is; how does the world globally distribute and receive a vaccine for COVID-19? Many countries do not possess Universal Healthcare and some do not have healthcare systems at all. So what is the effective solution for this?

At a summit hosted in the UK, over $8Billion was raised for distribution of a vaccine to third world countries. Pending a completion of a reliable vaccine, of course. But, while that is fantastic news, it will only cover a portion of the cost or it will only be sent to certain countries.

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In a time of global unrest, more people are seeing the viability of universal healthcare, now more than ever. This latest update on a vaccine distribution model is raising questions and even more concerns.

When considering how cutthroat things got towards the beginning of the outbreak, these concerns are pretty valid ones. Ventilators were sent off to the highest bidders, masks were bought in bulk by countries and travel bans became a measuring contest. So perhaps the concerns about fair and equal distribution is more justified than face value may suggest.

Jimmy Whitworth, a professor at the London School of Hygiene, put it pretty bluntly and accurately in a statement to the Herald.

“Rich countries will most likely try to push their way to the front of the queue, leaving poorer countries at the back, and that’s a problem. I can’t imagine any country saying, ‘Africa’s need is greater than ours, so they can get the vaccine first and we’ll remain vulnerable.’”

Where Are Vaccine Trials At?

You might be thinking that there is no way that anyone would be that callus when it comes to international health concerns. Bear in mind that the CEO of Sanofi, a global healthcare leader, said that the US deserved the first round of vaccine distribution. Citing that the US’s significant investment in the program warranted priority responses.

Also worth noting, this was said prior to the US pulling out of the World Health Organization. True, the WHO does not control the vaccine implementations or distributions, but it does have vested interests in it.

If you’re thinking that this is more ‘cart before the horse’, there is actually some valid vaccine trials. Both from privately funded companies like Bill Gate’s vaccine pushes and public healthcare providers. There have been massive improvements in trial testing and success rates.

Who knows what will happen at this point. Vaccines have been a sore spot among the American people and a lot of the world right now. COVID has set back so much in terms of healthcare, economy and social interaction.

Right now all that we can do is hope that vaccine trials continue to have good results and that we can see a good distribution model. Regardless of who and where, distribution needs to have some semblance of fairness to it. Otherwise, we may see even more riots and protests than we already do.


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