Despite safety being an utmost priority right now, the EU has condemned Trump’s decision to ban travel to Europe.

European Union in a conference at Brussels called the action atrocious. Saying that this pandemic is a time for; “cooperation rather than unilateral action,”. While it can be easy to see where things are difficult to discern for world leaders, Trump did insult the EU before this.

In a conference where he made the decision to ban travel to Europe he had some choice words for the EU. Calling the issues a “foreign virus”, that was seeded by European tourists. Whether or not there is validity to that has done nothing to help form opinion against Trump.

Discussions were not taken on the part of the president, he informed a very select few leaders before making the decision. Safety may have been at the forefront of the decision, but his decision to not inform anyone has done little to aid.

“The coronavirus is a global crisis, not limited to any continent, and it requires cooperation rather than unilateral action,”.

trump travel ban has been met with no shortage of criticism

Not all is greener on the other side right now

Oddly enough, Trump has not banned travel to the UK where he owns several resorts and has supported Boris Johnson. Johnson has been a very divisive leader in the UK, particularly when he announced Brexit. This move was also supported by Trump, making his foreign opinions that much more opposed.

Trump also had a few more words once this conversation was had; “When they raise taxes on us, they don’t consult us,” Trump said. “I think that’s probably one in the same,”.

Numerous opinions will obviously be had on this decision, whether you support Trump or not. All of this happening around the time that elections are gearing up have certainly turned tides for some voters. And with Biden projected to beat out Bernie Sanders by a good margin, many have taken it more seriously.

What do you make of Trump’s decision? Did it ruin travel for you? Are you upset or do you completely understand his decision and support it? Be sure to let us know and stay tuned for more updates as they come out.