Universal Is Releasing Another Film on VOD - Despite backlash from movie theater companies

Universal Is Releasing Another Film on VOD – Despite backlash from movie theater companies

Universal is apparently hell bent on making sure that they get the most out of their movie releases. With the caveat being that they’re burning the bridge behind them.

Back in March and April there was quite the battle going on between Universal and theater company AMC. Shortly after AMC announced that they were liquidating stock to keep their business afloat, they learned that Universal made changes.

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The changes in question were that Universal was planning involved their theatrical releases. After they delayed films like Fast 9 by a full year, AMC expected them to delay films like Trolls. Turns out that Universal did not have the same plan and instead released it to streaming services as a Video on Demand.

For Universal it was a great choice. They got to keep 80% of their revenue from rentals and even reported quite a good haul of money from the digital release. However, that led to movie theater company AMC boycotting Universal and refusing to play their movies when theaters reopen. Stating that Universal went back on an agreed upon business plan.

Universal is Not Learning Any Lessons

Now, Universal looks to be doing it again with the new film The High Note.

After a few weeks of back and forth, Regal and the parent company CineWorld announced a similar boycott. Taking AMC’s side in the debacle and declaring that they have no plans to release Universal movies.

Even though The High Note is definitely not as anticipated or as readily expected to be watched as Trolls. But, considering how well Trolls did, it makes sense that Universal wants to try and replicate that success. Even if it means putting themselves deeper in the hole of boycotts via movie theaters.

If you’re interested in watching The High Note, it will be releasing very soon for VoD. If you’re not happy with Universal’s plans and changes, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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