Whole Foods Fails to Report COVID - Washington DC Store faces uncertainty

Whole Foods Fails to Report COVID – Washington DC Store faces uncertainty

Grocery stores are essential right now more than ever. Problem being, what do you do when over a dozen of your employees test positive for a virus that is currently classified as a pandemic?

This is the question currently being faced by the Logan Circle Whole Foods. Located in Washington, the store has had a mini outbreak that saw several cases. Unfortunately, if that is not bad enough, Whole Foods was not even releasing that info to shoppers.

One employee stated, even though they were known, the cases were not being made public. Leading to confusion and worry from the staff that retaliation would be taken. Since then, the amount of confirmed cases at the store has dropped to 6, so there is a ray of sunshine.

You might be thinking why Amazon or Whole Foods chose to not say anything concerning the cases. Well, according to Health Officials, they actually do not have to. The D.C. Health Department corroborated this by saying; “essential businesses are not required by law to notify the public when an employee tests positive for COVID-19.”

Might seem a little limiting when concerning the individual responses for social distancing. However, as the curve continues to flatten, there have been decreased levels of stress. It may seem premature, and it may seem unprofessional, but it is the truth.

Hopefully we’ll see an increased measure of precautions taken by Whole Foods. Especially considering how much they’re being used at a time in crisis. Last thing that they can afford to do is anger their customers and reduce their income.

What do you make of Whole Food’s response to the measures and outbreak? Do you think they’re underplaying it or do you agree with the guidelines? Be sure to leave us your opinion, stay home and stay safe!