YOU COULD RECEIVE $1200 - New bill helps ease stress for those out of work

YOU COULD RECEIVE $1200 – New bill helps ease stress for those out of work

If you find yourself struggling to come to comprehension with what’s going on, don’t worry plenty of us are very confused right now. Luckily if you find yourself unable to work for two weeks or longer, there may be relief coming your way. To the tune of; ‘you could receive $1200 in relief efforts and cash’.

trump signed a series of bills in relief efforts. Including 1200 to go to affected families

Before we go any further on what this means, there are some parameters to be aware of. For those falling under the annual income of $75,000, you will be eligible for $1200 per adult and possibly $500 per child. If you’re within the bracket of $150,000 per couple or $99,000 individually, you are exempt and will not be considered. 

With that out of the way, legislators have been working on parameters for this bill, mostly in effort to shore up the economy. As many people falling underneath that 75K may find themselves without work come the end of quarantine.

Nothing is 100% set in stone at this time, as the bill will obviously need a large amount of oversight. The efforts to effectively reset the economy button for struggling families is completely necessary.

If lockdowns continue throughout April, then we need to have some sort of fallback for those who relied on week to week payments.

Not the first of its kind

This bill is one of three that have been put into effect by the Trump Administration in relief efforts for COVID. The first bill saw a huge amount of money going towards helping local and government run health facilities. 

Second bill was to the tune of $500 billion to help businesses, assist industries most affected, like travel

This third bill, as stated above, would be more focused towards just helping the individual small business owner. As well as helping those finding themselves out of work for a fair amount of time. The first payment, dependent on the market and time, would be going out around April 4th.

Hopefully we find ourselves in a better place come April/May. While expectations are low, the CDC and WHO do expect COVID to begin slowing down around Summer.

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