Birds of Prey Gets a Big Change From Warner Bros

Birds of Prey Gets a Big Change From Warner Bros

Femme Fatale or Femme Fatal?

It appears that Warner Bros has let the pressure of Birds of Prey’s ticket sales get to them.

As of this last Monday, Warner Bros has taken it upon themselves to rebrand their latest movie’s title.

Now longer going by the longer moniker that failed to turn heads. The film is now going by the more marketable name of Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey.

While this is most certainly being used in an effort to drum up more ticket sales and try to reach wider audiences, gotta say the older title was better. It was most certainly overly long but it was a great title nonetheless. 

Birds of Prey has not made back its production budget as of yet. Which still means that it is a failure of a release until the numbers go up.

While we did have some things to say in Birds of Prey’s defense, it appears that WB does not share that sentiment.

Here’s hoping that the title change brings the shift in the winds that Birds of Prey deserves.