BLACK ADAM WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING - Dwayne Johnson talks his big bad role

BLACK ADAM WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING – Dwayne Johnson talks his big bad role

Shazam was one of DC’s biggest surprise hits for the DCEU. So it seemed no surprise to many that Dwayne Johnson’s long gestating Black Adam project would finally get greenlit. And now Dwayne Johnson has come forward to shed some light on it.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (rimshot) then you’re no doubt aware of how intensely Dwayne Johnson has wanted this role.

Besides looking like the titular big bad, Johnson is one of the most physically intimidating people on the planet. Apparently he is going all out on his routine for the role.

Johnson states in his post that the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change. And if the movie is anything like Black Adam’s counterpart comic books runs, yeah it most likely is.

Because Black Adam is one of the biggest threats in the DC universe, besides Dwayne Johnson is looking massive.

I firmly believe that he could beat up superman with just that picture alone. Johnson has been vocal in the past about how he believes that this movie will cement Black Adam as one of the biggest bads in comics. 

Details on the move are pretty hard to come by right now. Most are assuming that it will be a sequel or prequel to Shazam! But as of right now we just have to wait until filming begins, luckily for us, cameras roll this summer!

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