BLACK WIDOW GETS DELAYED - The Assassin can't escape Coronavirus

BLACK WIDOW GETS DELAYED – The Assassin can’t escape Coronavirus

For months we were left wondering what Disney was going to do with Black Widow now that quarantine is in heavy effect throughout the US. It seems that Disney has finally given an answer on the silence and delayed the titular film.

While the news may seem unexpected to some, the odds were pretty against Black Widow. Even though Disney had said that they had no plans to push the date back, they were left no choice eventually. And with COVID expected to remain rampant until early Summer, Black Widow would have lost tons of money.

Things definitely got a little crazier and more unfortunate when Cinemark and Regal shut down for a couple weeks. Turning the expected box office receipts into, well effectively zero.

Black Widow is the soft origin story movie for the fan favorite assassin turned Avenger. The movie will see her being pitted against Taskmaster, one of Marvel’s best villains in the entire repertoire.

Certainly we can say that we were extremely excited to see Black Widow in early summer, we cannot say we’re surprised. Nor do we really blame Disney for finally turning around and saying that it was not worth the risk.

Hopefully when things begin to calm down we’ll get some better news for movies as a whole. With things being effectively shut down hard for a while, we will just have to wait and see.