armed militia members in California raise tensions even higher

California Business Owner Hires Armed Militia in Wake of Protests

People Are Frightened and Tense

Things are starting to get out of hand when it comes to some parts of the country as riots increase. In states like Minnesota, widespread destruction was seen as rioters burnt, looted and robbed stores. Leading to heightened tensions when the governor called in the National Guard and Trump advocated violence.

Now, in California, some business owners are legitimately terrified of what will come next. Leading to some owners taking measures further than before and planning ahead. One such owner went so far as to hire an armed militia to safeguard the stores.

In Oakdale, residents began sending in reports to the Police (somewhat ironic) about concerns over a group of armed men. These men were decked out with Assault Rifles and sporting heavy camouflage.

However, they had no patches, no insignia, no logo, nothing. Leading concerned residents to believe the worst when they spotted them. Soon after the reports, the police showed up to investigate and warn the men about what was happening.

“The group was not welcome by our police department. Once we learned of their presence, we immediately approached the group and advised them that their presence was doing more harm and raising tensions. We also told them we did not need their assistance.”

When the men explained that they were hired by a business owner and would not leave the private property, the police left. Shortly afterwards photos of the men started circulating on Twitter of them being in public areas. Which is in direct violation of California’s Open Carry Law.

Oakdale’s Police Department has been vocal about their investigation, saying they will have more details soon.

Last Thing We Need is More Escalation

“Let’s be clear—we do not need ‘militia’ groups in Oakdale to help Oakdale PD do our job. If we need assistance, we will call on our partner agencies. We will not tolerate any groups intimidating our community or causing problems.”

To make something abundantly clear, private militia’s and security are not illegal and are indeed protected under the Constitution. That does not mean that they are allowed to wander around, uncontrolled and unobstructed by individual county/state laws. This is what concerned residents, as they were seen in public areas, not only private.

If this is going to be the case, the Oakdale PD will have a full situation on their hands. Tensions are already insanely high around the country and the Police are working full time to assuage those tensions.

With conversations about defunding, disarming and even outright banning police officers, things could get ugly. We won’t know for sure how widespread private militia reactions are with business owners.


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