Trump's encouragement of conspiracy theories and avoiding the issue is hurting us all.

Trump Incites More Outrage By Siding with Conspiracy Theorists on Protests

A Slippery Slope with No End in Sight

Unjustified attack or a civil rights movement? Well, depending on who you ask, there’s a lot of variables between those two answers. As with any conspiracy theory, it has a myriad people that both support and denounce it. Unfortunately, the president is doing nothing to denounce it.

The catalyst for what took place was the video footage of a 75 year old man being shoved to the ground by police officers. Warning, the video is pretty graphic and unsettling. While the officers are facing felony charges, the whole of the public were pretty angry.

Most of us expected Trump to act pretty harshly, much as many of the public were against the actions of the officers. While he didn’t necessarily say anything immediate about that incident, he seems almost intentionally ignorant of what is happening.

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Saying that he has no desire or plans to defund the police is not an issue only supported by the Republican Party. Democratic party members including Presidential candidate Joe Biden, do not wish to defund either. But, they do want to see reform take place within the infrastructure of the Police.

Radio Silence is Not a Good Look

Whereas President Trump has yet to really say anything in regards to reform, changes or acknowledgement of systemic issues. So far all he has done is tweet responses, claim that the majority of officers are good and then lambast the protests. To be clear, the protests (at least for the most part) are not saying all cops are bad. Rather than we need to see changes within the system to better represent the people.

After all, the purpose of the Police is to protect and serve, but people do not feel or see either obligation being held. Which makes everything that much more volatile. Kid gloves and tact is what is needed in the face of these protests, but Trump’s denial is not helping.

Now, we have hundreds of people saying that there’s an ulterior motive. Sadly these theories are being supported by the leader of the free world, denouncing any sort of reaction to the police protests.

Look, we’re not here to change your mind nor are we here to make an argument for either side. Simply stating that it’s a big problem when the leader of the US is seen to be doing nothing other than fanning the flames. Protests are meant to bring reform and give voice to the voiceless.

Until Trump stops denouncing the protests and properly listens instead of hiding behind percentages, nothing will change. Unfortunately for those who are being shoved in the street, gassed from their homes and shot at.

We hope that things take a turn for the better in the coming days. Trump can still turn this around and provide support for reformation changes. You don’t have to support the protests in order to support the need for changes. One of the great things about free will and free speech is you can disagree with the speaker but agree with the message.


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