Donald Trump Approval Ratings took a little bit of a dip.

Donald Trump Approval Rating Dips Among Protest Response

Elections Coming Up, Approval Rating Goes Down

Over the course of the last week, Trump has been on headlines for all of the wrong reasons. As the protests over police brutality and racial equality intensified, many hoped that Trump would step up. Well, in a way he did, and depending on your point of view, it was the wrong step to take.

President of the United States, Donald Trump, responded to the protests in several ways. The usual press briefings, social media posts and statements. Social media is where Trump took the first few big hits in his approval ratings.

While several companies, CEO’s and advocate groups began lining up behind the protests, Trump did the opposite. He condemned the protests and the riots by advocating for more police presence and being generally tone deaf. Things only got worse when Trump’s tweets then got removed for advocating for violence against the rioters.

These tweets did actually get deleted, as they violated Twitter’s terms and conditions over violent support. Regardless of individual opinion on Trump and his stances in politics, this was a wrong move in many people’s eyes.
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Press briefings is also where Trump began to draw even more ire. He called in additional police to major cities, mobilized the National Guard in DC and called for an increase in military presence. That last little piece is what particularly set off the masses, and even led to military officials refusing to mobilize.

Pentagon officials cautioned against Trump making these decisions as it would only increase tensions among the people. Jim Mattis, the former Secretary of Defense, even came forward. Denouncing Trump’s decisions, and calling the current events unfolding as unconstitutional in Trump’s approach.

Now, a short week later, and Trump is beginning to see the fallout of his efforts to remain on the side he chose. Despite recalling the National Guard and receiving minimal support from the military, he held on.

His approval ratings have always set somewhere around the mid range among voters. Flitting between 40 and 60% pretty much just depending on the time of year. However, now with more people at home, numbers are seeing a rise. But, not the rise that Trump would probably like to see happen.

Approval ratings have actively dropped and his disapproval rating is sitting somewhere around 53% at the time of writing. So he is still holding onto that soft 40% that he has had in the past. As the protests continue however, that is where the tanking has happened.

In a recent poll by several news agencies, which is always to be taken with a grain of salt, most people disagree with Trump. They feel that the decisions made did nothing to improve the public perception.

Considering that the presidential elections are coming up, this is the worst time for Trump to begin dipping in his approval ratings. Polls are never 100% reliable, hopefully that much is obvious. If things continue to trend downward for him though, it could hurt in the long run.

What do you think of Trump’s decisions on the protests and riots? Do you agree with the calls that he made or do you believe that he made the wrong call? Let us know in the comments below!


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