Colorado Supreme Court Upholds Large Magazine Firearm Ban

A Long Running Argument Comes to a Head

After a lot of deliberation, Colorado has chosen to uphold the ban on large magazine firearms. Back in 2012, Colorado banned large capacity magazines after the tragic Aurora movie theater shooting.

During a plea, citizens of Colorado tried to maintain that the banning of large capacity magazines was unconstitutional. Infringing on their rights to bear arms.

However, the Supreme Court of Colorado found that to be untrue, and as such, the law will remain in place.

This law prohibits the sale, possession or transfer of magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition. If you are caught with such a magazine, it will be filed as a misdemeanor which can carry with it, up to 18 months in jail. Obviously dependent on circumstances when you got caught with said misdemeanor.

Should be clarified however, if you were grandfathered in prior to July of 2013, you are exempt. Similarly if purchased from a separate state or you are a government official with access to the item in question, you are exempt as well. So even then, there are numerous loopholes to this law that were not taken into account by its detractors.

History is a Funny Thing

Even though the law barely passed, by a vote of 18-17, there was still a lot of blowback from gun rights advocates. Organizations like the RMGO and NRA opposed the bill outright, claiming relief issues.

When they failed to accurately describe said relief issues, the conversation was tabled and not really thought of again. That didn’t stop the naysayers from actively trying to stop the law from gaining traction. The Second Amendment was brought up time and time again, with growing fervor each time.

Eventually, the State of Colorado made a statement that the laws of Colorado are not being properly scrutinized. Saying that the people clamoring for the reversal of the law were not arguing their case under Colorado’s law but rather under a constitutional law. Considering that just about every state has a differing interpretation of gun rights under the Constitution, it didn’t hold up very well.

Right now it is unclear where things will land at the end of the day. As Rocky Mountain Gun Owners continue to fight governor Jared Polis, we just have to wait and see what they decide. There can be a case made for either side, but if arguments continue to be facile, then nothing will change.


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