Finally, Some Good News for Bees

Finally, Some Good News for Bees

Bees haven’t had the best go of it in the news lately, with the murder hornets appearing in the U.S. that are known for ravaging bee colonies. But, we do have a good story about the little guys who play such an important role in our ecosystems.

As CNN reports, a 26-year old employee, George Montgomery, for the network moved into a new house in Georgia in November 2018. Soon after, he could hear buzzing coming from his ceiling.

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“You could hear them slapping against the wall as they landed to crawl into the hive,” he eplained, “The beehive was nestled in the floor joists between the home’s upstairs and downstairs.”

After being assaulted by a swarm of them while mowing his lawn, Montgomery finally called for help. Last week, three bee removers showed up at his house.

Bobby Chaisson, one of the removers, said that the ceiling contained about 100,000 bees (a typical colony contains about 10,000 to 80,000 bees). The team came equipped with a custom-built vacuum that sucked the bees out of the ceiling without hurting them.

The bees were re-established at a new hive in North Georgia on Chaisson’s property.

We are happy to read a story that ended with the bees not being harmed. We need bees in our ecosystem for everything to work properly, and they have been faced with some troubling things lately.

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