Harry Potter Buses are Transporting Medical Workers - Magical rides for magical people

Harry Potter Buses are Transporting Medical Workers – Magical rides for magical people

Amidst all of this COVID hysteria, there is an occasional crack in the seams that show a bright side. One such crack is that of the Harry Potter buses in the UK.


As medical workers find themselves in increasing demand and increased chances for infection and travel. An unlikely hero was found in the Harry Potter buses who are now dedicating to taking medical workers to and fro.

Usually, when the world isn’t going mad, the buses are used for studio tours. Showing fans all the places around the UK where Harry Potter was filmed. However, since the tours are temporarily shut down due to COVID, they have just been sitting around waiting.

Treat These People Right!

If anyone in the world deserves some VIP treatment it would be the medical care workers. They’ve been putting themselves on the line for the last three months and working pretty much around the clock. Minimal breaks, assisting anyone who comes in and doing their best to keep the trend downward.

Apparently the people to thank is the good folks over at Warner Bros, who were more than happy to donate the buses for transport.

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“The priorities of the nation have changed completely as people learn to enjoy days in and not days out. But for key workers, staying home is not an option and we’re delighted to be able to help by providing a safe and reliable way to get to work and back.”

I mean come on, if you thought it was cool to be a Harry Potter fan, just imagine getting picked up by this bus every day. It’s a pretty great move by the folks over at Warner Bros, and it’s probably doing a good amount to help some morale among workers.

One thing is for sure, they deserve it. What do you think of this news? Does it make you happy or do you not really care? Be sure to leave us a comment and follow us for more updates as they come out!