Johnny Depp's Ex Steps Up to Defend the Actor From Heard's Claim

Johnny Depp’s Ex Steps Up to Defend the Actor From Heard’s Claim

The turbulent fight between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has taken another big step forward.

Last time that we heard (get it?) about an update in the case was a character witness. An old friend of Depp’s that has known him for over 30 years came forward in defense of the actor.

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Depp’s friend said how Amber Heard was emotionally controlling, abusive and treated Depp poorly. Even saying that initially both himself and others tried to convince Depp out of the marriage out of concern for him. Also saying that the actress Heard had faked injuries using nail polish.

After these allegations came forward, even if the evidence is just pure speculation, Heard counteracted with a claim. Stating that the things postulated by Depp’s friend was untrue and demeaning to her character.

Turn up the AC, Cause it’s Getting Hot in Here

Now, it would seem that even that claim is going to be considered against Heard as a new defender of Depps stepped forward. His ex wife Vanessa Paradis has stepped forward in hopes of helping her friend.

When news about the case reached Paradis and she looked into Heard’s claims she was shocked and outraged. Paradis said that Depp was never once controlling, abusive or unkind towards her while they were together. Following her statement, actress Winona Ryder also said the same, she was engaged to Depp previously.

These two are just the latest in a long string of characters and actors that have been pulled into the ongoing case. Recently James Franco and Paul Bettany also got involved, both of whom claimed Heard as the perpetrator.

As of right now, the case is not scheduled to go to trial until August. In the meantime we can most likely expect a slew of updates and new claims on both sides.


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