The Cyborg actor has even more to share about Joss Whedon, and now he's seeing support.

Kevin Smith Backs up Ray Fisher – Acknowledges Whedon’s Abusive Behavior

Evidence Continues to Mount

Well, if you thought that things were going to go away and stop in regards to Whedon, that doesn’t seem likely. Earlier last week, Ray Fisher started a firestorm on social media and in the film industry. He started by saying that he wanted to retract any support that he threw Joss Whedon during promotional events.

Most wrote this off as Fisher just being emotional over losing most of his scenes during reshoots. However, Fisher would follow up a short time later with claims that he spoke up due to Whedon’s treatment of the people. Accusing the director of toxic and abusive behavior towards the cast and the crew.

Of course, at the time, all we had to go on was Ray Fisher and his comments. There have been similar claims made by Whedon’s ex wife Kai Cole, but nothing really came of it. That may be changing today.

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Kevin Smith, who is huge in the nerd communities for his behind the scenes knowledge of events. He has pretty much been invited on every single comic book movie set just to see the processes. During a podcast he recounted how he observed and heard first hand stories from crew how bad working with Whedon was.

Saying that Whedon got to see the Snyder Cut firsthand that CGI specialists and actors had worked on. And then he would say things that were dismissive and actively negative against Zack Snyder and the work that he did.

Personal or Professional?

Obviously, this is only taking into account three different people’s testimonies against Whedon. Fisher, Smith and Cole. Eventually though, until Whedon actively comes forward and says something (anything at this point) evidence will continue to pile up.

One person screaming at a director for being abusive usually goes nowhere. It’s sad to say but due to the emotions that can run high on a film set, sometimes things get mistranslated or just come out wrong. Sometimes it’s not abusive but just being misperceived.

Although, when there’s now stories of crew members being actively dismissed despite busting ass for months, that’s a problem. Mixing in the past allegations from Whedon’s ex wife, Snyder’s frustrations with the reshoots and all the drama that happened behind the scene. There might be something more to Ray Fisher and Kevin Smith’s claims than people may have thought.

Honestly, even just watching the theatrical cut of the film and watching interviews, there’s such a noticeable decline in quality. Everyone seems less enthusiastic, downtrodden and just annoyed to even be doing interviews.

Usually not a good look of what happened away from public scrutiny.


What do you think of Ray Fisher’s comments? Do you think that Kevin Smith is telling the truth and the crew did really suffer through hell when Whedon came on to direct? Let us know in the comments below!


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