RAY FISHER SNYDER CUT - It exists according to another Justice League Actor!

RAY FISHER SNYDER CUT – It exists according to another Justice League Actor!

Things just keep getting better and better this year for Snyder Cut fans. After stars Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck confirmed its existence, Ray Fisher has joined the call.

The Snyder Cut exists according to Jason Momoa and Ray Fisher.

The Snyder Cut has seen no shortage of updates recently and no shortage of naysayers right alongside them. As we talked about before, it’s become almost an urban legend of sorts with all the information that surrounds it.

Whether it’s been Zack Snyder sharing images on Vero or just random internet dataminers finding info for things like HBO Max. There are some legitimate claims out here, and according to Ray Fisher, the naysayers have it all wrong.

“We’re at a point where we can acknowledge the Snyder Cut does exist, and if you speak to anyone that says it doesn’t exist then they’re trying to troll you, so do not engage with them, don’t feed the trolls.”

Ray Fisher, Twitch Stream

This topic was brought up during the actor’s Twitch Stream while he played Resident Evil 3. He not only acknowledges the existence of the cut, but insinuates that fans just need to have patience and keep doing what they’re doing. So maybe there is some legitimacy to the claims of HBO Max after all!

Here’s hoping that Fisher’s comments are a good bet that the Snyder Cut is indeed on its way here. Nothing would brighten this quarantine more for fans than some actually clear cut proof of its existence!

What do you think of Fisher’s comment? Do you think that there is any solid proof behind it or do you think that he’s just spouting rhetoric to make people happy? Be sure to let us know on social media and in the comments what you think!