Things have taken another turn as Ray Fisher clarifies his statement from before.

Ray Fisher Accuses Joss Whedon of Abusive Behavior

History Repeats Itself

Well, if you thought that Ray Fisher’s comments earlier this week were a one off, we have a surprise. Because now, he’s taking it a step further and outright accusing Joss Whedon of toxic and abusive behavior. 

Earlier this weekend, Ray Fisher made a comment on Twitter that threw off a lot of people. Saying that he wanted to ‘forcefully retract every bit of this statement’. Most people backed him up automatically just by proxy of being anti-Joss Whedon’s Justice League, turns out there was more to it. Some people accused Ray Fisher of being unprofessional and gross towards Whedon, who just came in to help finish the film.

Ray Fisher then took to Twitter again to voice his reasoning behind the statement, and it’s pretty telling.

As you can plainly see, Ray Fisher makes no qualms about calling Whedon’s treatment of the film and crew as abusive. Bearing in mind, we only have his word to go on right now. It’s not the first time that allegations like this have come up, however.

Back in 2017, Joss Whedon’s ex wife, Kai Cole, voiced her dissent at her at the time husband.  Joss Whedon, at the time, was being held up as this feminist ally icon in the entertainment industry. Due to his creation of projects like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and his inclusion of female leads in films like Age of Ultron

However, his wife claimed that he consistently cheated on her and acted disgusting towards women behind closed doors. Spouting his hypocrisy in front of cameras for the sake of creating a shield against criticisms further down the line. We’re not gonna say whether we believe the guilt or not. Something worth noting is that Whedon has not had a new film project since Justice League. Not a good look when combined with these allegations from ex wives and now Ray Fisher.

Allegations Aside, Reality is No Less Cruel

Now, today, that claim may be something that people look a little further into. At least when you consider Ray Fisher’s claims about Whedon. Worth noting, that Ray Fisher may also just have a personal vendetta against Whedon.

Joss Whedon was originally only supposed to finish the film for Zack Snyder and instead ended up changing most of it. Lightening up the film’s tone and drastically changing characters, including Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

Originally supposed to have a much bigger role in the film, Cyborg was changed around quite a lot. And what little bit was not changed around, was left on the cutting room floor or just outright ignored by Whedon. 

You can claim studio interference, which plagues both WB and Marvel. Or it’s possible that Joss Whedon legitimately did do things on set that were unprofessional and abusive. When you look at the reactions and the change in attitudes from actors like Jason Momoa and Ben Affleck, it’s easy to see where Fisher is coming from.

Who knows, right now we’re just happy to see the Snyder Cut becoming a reality. That being said, if it turns out that Joss Whedon is an active issue as a filmmaker, we hope that he finds his just desserts. Considering that Disney/Marvel won’t take him back, maybe there really is something to Fisher’s claims.

When we see if anyone comes forward to back him up now that he’s broken the ice, it could get a lot uglier.


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