Massachusetts Reports that COVID Cases are Now Trending in the Right Direction

Massachusetts Reports that COVID Cases are Now Trending in the Right Direction

Being the neighboring state to New York which was hit the hardest when COVID hit an apex. Many were wondering when we’d start to see a hard decrease in cases along the coastal lines.

Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts shared the information earlier today in an optimistic press briefing.

“COVID hospitalizations have actually been decreasing in the past several days with very few spikes in new admissions. The number of patients dealing with COVID in the ICU has also dropped to under 1,000. There are obviously still thousands of people who are being hospitalized due to this virus, but the numbers have started to trend in the right direction.”

Massachusetts is still remaining in a Shelter in Place mode until most likely May 15th – 20th. There is a plan for reopening some businesses between now and then, but it will be gradual.

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Baker is Not Usually Optimistic

That being said, this is a good change of pace for Charlie Baker and the state as a whole. Beforehand, Baker had been very reluctant or even hesitant to share news concerning an economic reopening. So this news should make residents feel a little safer.

While Baker did say that he and his investigators have been speaking to various agencies, he didn’t specify who can reopen. However, he did specify that they’ve been talking to retail and travel agencies mostly.

Hopefully this upwards trend continues with more COVID cases dropping down in the right direction. Time will tell how things go for Boston and Massachusetts as a whole!

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