Rhode Island Announces Downward Trend in Cases

Rhode Island Announces Downward Trend in Cases

Stay-At-Home Sees Results

Despite being such a small state and full of close knit communities, Rhode Island announced a downward trend. Although Rhode Island is located very near to New York, which got hit very hard, they were able to avoid high numbers pretty effectively.

COVID’s peak hit Rhode Island around April 16th, since then the amount of active/new cases have been trending downward. According to hospitals located in Providence, the numbers dropped to only two people.

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Rhode Island’s State Health Director, Alexander-Scott put things into perspective for natives of the small state.

“It’s critical for everyone to understand that the work you’re doing today to follow the stay-at-home order is what allows us to continue to be hopeful about hospitalizations stabilizing. But each day can change. Every day matters.”

Overall, while every bit of good news from medical teams is always backed up by a helping of caution, good news is good news. Especially as tensions rise in places like New York, Denver and now Ontario Canada. People are sick of being told what to do and as some states reopen and others become more strict, things are getting tense.

Hopefully with updates that are showing a gradual flattening in the curve and lower new case numbers, we’ll be in a good place. Some businesses are already interpreting this as a time to reopen as states like Texas give them the green light.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens in terms of reopenings. We just have to sit tight and wait it out in most cases.


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