Plants Are Friends! Here's how They Benefit You

Plants Are Friends! Here’s how They Benefit You

Plants are one of humanities best friends. Without them, we would not be able to breathe, and vice versa, they would not live without us.

For example, when we breathe, we release CO2 or carbon dioxide, which is then absorbed by plants to make oxygen. So, if there was a plant inside someone’s home, what would that do for the owner of the plant?

Could it help create fresher air within the home and provide a more positive mindset toward life? 

Scientist have researched the relationship between human and plants for centuries.

In the 20th century, there has been many breakthroughs showing the almost sentient nature of plants. In an experiment conducted by Cleve Backster, a renowned botanist, conducted experiments. Showing how plants are able to respond to not only physical and visual stimuli, also knowing the emotions of entities around them.

In other words, this series of experiments shows how plants have the ability to either help or shut themselves down to the entities around them. If someone were giving a plant kindness, physically and mentally, the plant will remember those emotions for the next time the person is around.

This in turn causes them to create a relationship with other beings. To learn more about these experiments, research the ‘Backster Effect’.

So There Are Benefits to Plants? What Are They?

Now, even if plants have the capability of developing positive and negative relationships, will having a plant in your home help create a cleaner atmosphere? The answer seems to be yes.

Besides just being able to produce oxygen, plants have the ability to: break down harmful substances in the atmosphere, reduce carbon dioxide, collect dust particles, and provide more humidity in the house.

Besides the plants providing many benefits for the owner, there are still responsibility lessons someone can learn from taking care of plant.

Depending on the plant, someone needs to be there to water it and give it enough sunshine every day. The time it takes to maintain these plants is minimal, but the responsibility to feed them can help people be responsible in other areas of their life.