NHL Postponing Regular Season, Hopes to Return

Power 5 Conferences Cancel Tournaments, NCAA Soon to Follow?

The ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, SEC, and PAC-12 – also referred to as the Power 5 conferences – have announced the cancellation of their conference basketball tournaments this week.

Cancellations were also announced for the American, Atlantic 10, Conference USA, MAC, America East, Big Sky and WAC.


The Big East tournament was briefly continued this morning with St. Johns and Creighton starting their game, but when the announcement came out, the game was ended at halftime.

It all came out then with every conference making their announcements within minutes of each other, as they were preparing to play games in large arenas with little to no fan presence.

Many women’s tournaments were cancelled as well.

It goes beyond just basketball, as the PAC-12 announced that all conference sporting events would be cancelled until further notice. The Big 12’s other championships coming up, like gymnastics and equestrian events, would be postponed until April 15th. The SEC is suspending all competitions on home campuses until March 30th.

Earlier this week, the NCAA announced that the men’s and women’s national basketball tournaments would be played without fans, but we can’t help but to believe that with all these cancellations, the NCAA will cancel or postpone the tournament outright.


The sports world has been rattled by the spread of the virus with the NBA postponing the rest of their season last night, and the NHL following suit this morning.

All these cancellations have served as precautionary measures to help curb the spread of the virus. Remember that the recovery rate is very high, and most people will recover in two weeks.