Public Health Official Says Don't Touch Face, and IMMEDIATELY Touches Her Face

Public Health Official Says Don’t Touch Face, and IMMEDIATELY Touches Her Face

Our public officials are here to tell us what to do, but we apparently shouldn’t follow their example.

At least in the case of Dr. Sara Cody, director of the Santa Clara County’s Public Health Department, who has quickly become a meme after a press conference last Friday.

She was using the press conference for many different reasons, one of which was to give a simple piece of advice.

“Today, start working on not touching your face — because one main way viruses spread is when you touch your own mouth, nose, or eyes.” explained Cody. It’s simple, right? Just don’t touch your face. If Cody can do it, so can w- oh wait, she’s touching her face.

That’s right; less than a minute after sharing this advice, Cody licked her fingers to help turn a page in her notes.

Obviously, we can’t fault Cody for this; you have no idea how much we touch our faces until we are actively trying to avoid doing it. It’s such a subconscious thing and we don’t even realize that we are doing it. We just can’t pass up on the perfect comedic timing of her licking her finger.

Though the press conference happened last Wednesday, the video went viral just this week. And with that, it has brought so many more great moments, best of which is President Trump claiming he hasn’t touched his face in weeks, saying, “I miss it.”

Well, he isn’t exactly right about that.

Again, we all touch our face so it’s not like we can claim to be above these people. While the coronavirus has been a very serious issue, with more and more cases appearing, but it is really great to have these kinds of moments and memes from them to make us laugh.

Here are some of our favorites: