QUIET PLACE RELEASE DELAYED - Among dwindling crowds, the horror sequel is suspended

QUIET PLACE RELEASE DELAYED – Among dwindling crowds, the horror sequel is suspended

More and more movies this year are pushing back their release dates due to box office concerns. Mostly due to COVID as more cases spring up every day. Latest on the chopping block is A Quiet Place Part II, merely 8 days before it’s release.

Despite the fact that the film was already being advertised around the world, with John Krasinski and Emily Blunt even interviewing. Unfortunately this also means that the film has spent a lot of money trying to get into theaters and drum up excitement. This means that Paramount will definitely see a huge loss on this film. 

Sadly, the news only gets worse from here. Not only is A Quiet Place delayed, but it is delayed indefinitely, no release date has been set or preemptively chosen. Which means that there is really no way of telling when we will see this sequel.

Just another in a long list of problems for the movie industry this year

Regardless of whether you’re a horror fan or not, this is just one of many movies being delayed amidst COVID. No Time to Die was delayed to November, Peter Rabbit to August, Furious 9 by a whole year. 

Oddly, for some reason Disney has not delayed the release of Mulan or Black Widow despite all these decisions. Maybe they know something that others don’t. From us here at Scoophash please take this following paragraph with the intention it is meant.

Do not go take your family to see Mulan when it releases. Wait, and see it later. It is not worth your health or your family’s health. Obviously things can change, so play it by ear, but a movie is not worth it.

Whether or not these movie delays affect you very much, one thing is certain: things will begin ramping down over the Summer. According to predictions we will see a deficit in cases and a decline, for now though, movies will suffer.