SNYDER CUT ALMOST HERE - New Werner Media CEO gives a glimmer of hope

SNYDER CUT ALMOST HERE – New Werner Media CEO gives a glimmer of hope

Truth, Justice, and the American way of not giving up and pestering CEO’s for three years!

You’ve seen our articles, watched the movies, heard the rumors and now we may have an official confirmation of its existence by a member of WB.


The Snyder Cut is something of a film urban legend at this point. With no end to the clues, paper trails, obscure references by Snyder and more than a few claiming to have seen it. The ties between the Snyder Cut updates and things like our Top 10 Mysteries list is too many to count.

Well, now we may have something more in line with an official statement for the mythological DCEU entry. And, it may be more official and close than fans ever thought possible!


Earlier today we got a somewhat hopeful and less cryptic answer from a Warner Bros executive than we’ve had in the past. Jason Kilar, the new CEO for Warner Media, has been going around Twitter liking the #ReleaseTheSnyderCUt posts. Not only giving fans hope, but with a potential release on the horizon with HBO Max, we might be there!

Sure, you can make this news two different ways. Either Kilar is just trying to gain some recognition/clout, or there is some legitimacy to the claims. 

Supposing that there is some legitimacy to it, this would be just the news that fans needed after a long wait for new movies. Hopefully we see something come from this, and hopefully we see something for Snyder who’s been fighting alongside us just as much.

We are so ready for this. Let us know what you think and be sure to follow us on social media for more updates like this!