Reduce Your Anxiety an Stress - Pass the Time in Quarantine with these hobbies!

Reduce Your Anxiety an Stress – Pass the Time in Quarantine with these hobbies!

Stress related anxiety can make you prone to several issues. Not the least of which is risking a reduced immune system that can bring on illness.

There are several ways to reduce stress and anxiety but here’s some that don’t require you to go anywhere to get supplies! Unless you never considered this before, in which case you might need to Amazon one or two things.

Reading (We Recommend SciFi or Fantasy)

Taking yourself out of a mental state is pretty much what books are made to do. We’ve actually made a reading list recommendation before for books that are particularly great at this!


Just escaping for even a few minutes to a couple hours during any given day is a huge stress reliever for most.


It’s true, and you have probably heard it a dozen times before, but exercise is really one of the best ways to destress yourself.

Sweating out dopamine and hormones is a great way to do so. An increased amount of either of those two things are leading factors in stress related anxiety.

Reducing stress isn’t easy, but there are steps to take!
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Tunes of whatever kind, depending on personal preferences, can be a great way to distract your mind from anything. Even aggressive tunes like some rap and rock music can still be a relaxant.

Honestly music is just something that completely depends on what you like. We gave our personal recommendations on this one as well, tried to keep it as open as possible so if you need a place to start, we got you!

Talk to Friends and Family

Togetherness is an essential part of the human condition, and we release stress when discussing things with friends and family.

We’re not saying that you need to pour your heart and soul out to everyone, just find something to occupy all members. Try some new board games, watch a family favorite movie, talk about old memories, just anything really.

You’d be surprised how quickly you tend to forget about everything else around you when you choose to talk to people.

Find a New Hobby

Lastly, the reason that we actually selected hobbies last is because of just how many of them there are. If you haven’t really developed a hobby, the first step is just trying to discover one!

Take up figurine painting, construct some models, try your hand at sketching, painting, puzzles, photography etc. There are so many hobbies out there in the world for people of all incomes and all walks of life. Occupying your mind with a hobby that requires some dedication is a surefire way to destress and learn a new skill.

Try any one of these things and see how quickly you develop a newfound respect for just ignoring the world for a bit. Things will slow down, you’ll be more appreciative of what you have, and you’ll lower your anxiety level. 

Immune system defenses are a big part of battling anxiety!

With things like coronavirus slowing down but still rampant, one of the worst things you can do to yourself is making yourself anxious. And we know that anxiety is not usually something you choose, but there are ways to combat it!

Let us know your favorite ways to destress in this crazy world. Do you have any hobbies that you’d like to share? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!