Robert Pattinson Batman - New image Gives Fans a Better Look at Batsuit

Robert Pattinson Batman – New image Gives Fans a Better Look at Batsuit

Does it Come in Black?

We may have already seen the suit in a few new shots, but the lighting was always kinda wack. Now, there were other shots of the costume, but it was with a stuntman. But it was much brighter and gave us a great look at the Court of Owls inspired look. Robert Pattinson Batman is looking pretty rock solid.

Fans will be fans though, and there are some pretty talented artists out there. One CGI artists decided to take the test footage tease from Matt Reeves and improve the lighting. Showing what they believe that Robert Pattinson’s Batman will look like in better lighting and in full gear.

If this rendition is fairly accurate, it isn’t bad at all. It has a very Greg Capullo look to it with some Arkham Knight inspired armor layout. Which we are perfectly okay with that being the case. 

Bear in mind, this is just an artist’s rendition of what they believe the suit will look like. So take this with a pretty healthy helping of salt. 

Matt Reeve’s Batman film has shown some pretty stellar looking teases at the film before filming was put on hold. Both the Batsuit, and the Batmobile look fantastic and seem to fit the more brooding tone Reeves wants to take.

Hasn’t Batman Always Been An Edge-Lord?

You might be thinking ‘Batman films have always been brooding’, yes and no. Batman films have certainly been on the darker side, but we’d argue that Batman films have just been edgier without the art. With the exception of Nolan’s films which took more of a crime drama approach.

Reeves is more known for putting more immediate effort into the story and surrounding the characters with subtle exposition. His films like Let Me In, Planet of the Apes Reboot, Cloverfield and Tales From the Loop are all proof of that.

His films are tonally what to expect from The Batman, and when you cast Robert Pattinson, that’s a good fit. Pattinson made his distinction as a character actor with films like Good Time, Lighthouse and Cosmopolis. He’s a truly talented actor that will bring something different to a classic character.

Personally, if this is the look Pattinson will have, we’d count that as a win. But what do you think of this look? Are you excited for Pattinson and Reeve’s teaming up for The Batman? Or would you rather see something different? Let us know in the comments below!


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