SNYDER DID IT AGAIN - The internet fairly broke today

SNYDER DID IT AGAIN – The internet fairly broke today

Snyder has been on a roll recently with teases and follow ups to his Justice League cut. Rumors are swirling and theorists are going nuts trying to piece everything together. During a live stream today, Snyder may have broken the internet.

Essentially, Snyder held a watch-along for the anniversary of Dawn of Justice. During the whole thing, we got to see and hear fascinating insights as to what his process was as a director. Besides all of that awesome info, we also got a little bit of a rambling Easter egg at the end.

Snyder played us all, he teased us about some news with the Snyder Cut and then abruptly cut the stream. Many were left frantically refreshing the tab and trying to see if they timed out or something. But no, Snyder did it intentionally, and fans have progressively lost their absolute minds over this.

As the release of HBO Max gets closer and closer, news of the Snyder Cut becomes clearer and more frequent. With Snyder himself teasing several different times how the Cut is coming and that it exists.

One thing is for sure, if you were watching his stream, you probably jumped out of your chair like I did. Now we just have to wait and see what happens in the following months when HBO Max releases.