James Gunn and his upcoming reboot of Suicide Squad have squashed a popular rumor

Sorry Guys, James Gunn Says No Poison Ivy in Suicide Squad

No Ivy For Us

If you were hoping for the girl in green to show up during the film, James Gunn has some candid words for that. A fan theory, and some slightly unfounded speculation, had fans theorizing that Poison Ivy was going to be making an appearance. 

After the reveal that James Gunn was going to be making a soft reboot of the Suicide Squad brand, we wondered what characters would appear. Gunn had already confirmed characters like King Shark, Deadshot, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang and several unannounced roles. 

Since most of the roles were unannounced and James Gunn has been very secretive, rumors are rampant. One of those particular rumors was that Alice Braga, known for I Am Legend, was going to be Ivy. Where exactly people got this from is unclear, which prompted a great response from Gunn.

We kinda love how brutally honest that was really. Most directors would flip flop around or give a lengthy explanation, but James Gunn just doesn’t care. He shuts down rumors and tells people if it was a stupid theory off the bat.

Poison Ivy deserves better than the awful role she got in Batman & Robin

To be fair to James Gunn, it makes sense that he’s lost a lot of respect for the Twitter platform. Not to mention the crowds of people that succumb to mob mentality and latch onto anything controversial. Back when James Gunn was fired from Disney for ‘offensive Tweets’, and everyone dogpiled on him. Now that he’s been proven innocent and that people just need to grow a sense of humor, suddenly everyone’s on his side. But, if I had a history of people interpreting things for me and creating rumors and ruining my projects, I wouldn’t have any patience either.


It does kinda suck though, because Poison Ivy deserves better than the awful role she got in Batman & Robin. She’s definitely found some new popularity with the casual audiences as well. Thanks to her roles/appearances in animated films like Batman: Hush. Not to mention her stellar role in the animated series Harley Quinn. Numerous appearances in the Arkham video games, which we also highly recommend. Just overall, Poison Ivy has started to become a known character to casuals and hardcore comic fans alike. And she would make a very cool and compelling character in modern filmmaking.

Until we have a trailer and some more details we have no idea what to expect from James Gunn and The Suicide Squad. One thing’s for sure though, given the giant cast, the insane amount of talent and Gunn’s style, we’re pretty hyped.

And now, we just need to convince WB to give us the Ayer Cut, we can make it happen!


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