THE BATMAN DELAYED - Coronavirus shuts down production and crew takes hiatus

THE BATMAN DELAYED – Coronavirus shuts down production and crew takes hiatus

The Batman was able to avoid concerns for a while there as more films got delayed. However, it would seem that time has finally caught up to the Caped Crusader.

Recently news came out that Disney was postponing every single production and self imposing quarantine for crews. Before that we saw projects like A Quiet Place get delayed indefinitely. Then we saw No Time to Die before that get delayed for a few more months.

Overall this is just the time for movies to be delayed due to concerns for box office numbers being far lower due to social interaction being low. As well as crews being unable to work if they got sick and spread it to other crews, so delays made sense.

Warner Bros now seems to be on the same mindset but not as drastically as some of the other delays. The Batman, the very anticipated project from Matt Reeves, is being delayed for just two weeks.

Not a permanent solution, but a good solution

Two weeks is just to allow people to be safe, not get sick and also give some much needed downtime. Plus, it reduces crunch time for the crew and more time to evaluate current proceedings and release plans.

Meanwhile the teases for the upcoming film have been fairly rampant and awesome to see! We got some cool test footage a few months back set to some very moody music. More recently we got to see some high resolution images of the new Batmobile, and a very intimidating Robert Pattinson.

Hopefully these two weeks will give some time needed, but then hopefully production will resume quickly. We’re extremely excited for this film, and one of us even believes that this will be the best Batman iteration yet.

What do you think of all the delays? Do you think they’re justified, and what do you hope to see from Matt Reeve’s The Batman film? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think!