DISNEY MOVIES DELAYED - Disney becomes proactive against COVID

DISNEY MOVIES DELAYED – Disney becomes proactive against COVID

After lots of speculation, numerous delays and huge setbacks for a lot of film projects, many were left wondering who was next. Well, it turns out that Disney’s upcoming productions are what is next in terms of suspensions. 

So it seems the a lot of Disney movies are delayed.

Despite that Mulan and Black Widow are still scheduled to release this Spring, upcoming projects are suspended. 

Included in these suspensions are The Little Mermaid, the Home Alone reboot and of course the Falcon Winter soldier show. More than a couple of these, and by a couple I mean all, do not have confirmed reshoot dates set. Meaning we have no idea when to expect news, trailers or release dates.

Potentially this could turn Disney to look more closely at the release dates for Black Widow and Mulan. Especially after several other projects like A Quiet Place will not be debuting this Spring after coronavirus concerns.

Hopefully things are resolved with relative ease, especially with the hype still going for the MCU shows. There is a lot of money being lost in these delays, however safety is paramount and we need to be cautious.

Do you think this is the right call? Do you agree with Disney on production suspensions? How are you handling the COVID concerns? 


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