The Flash is finally getting some solid updates and moving forward, according to Andy Muschietti

The Flash Director Promises Deep and Heartfelt Story

Don’t Cross the Streams Barry!

Well, if this film ever gets off the ground, it could be shaping up to be pretty awesome. The Flash movie has been in development hell for roughly two years at this point. But, director Andy Muschietti has been making some strong promises over the last few months.

Muschietti has been talking about The Flash off and on, but he’s been discussing it much more than anyone else has. Which has given fans a lot more confidence in the film then before. On top of that, with the news that fans are finally getting the Justice League: Snyder Cut, it seems that the tide is turning.

Now, Muschietti has come forward with some more news and updates on The Flash. Fans of the animated film The Flashpoint Paradox will find a lot of familiarity inside of Muschietti’s comments.

It is a story of time travel: Flash travels back to try to save his mother. It is a spectacular action movie but it has a big heart.”

Ezra Miller has been in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons

Andy said that the film has a lot of heart and soul poured into it, but it’s also hard to really agree on that without seeing a trailer or BTS images. It’s one thing to take Muschietti at his word, but seeing is another thing entirely.

Luckily, Muschietti is not the only one who’s spoken very highly of the film during production. His sister, Barbara Mushietti, who is taking on the role of Producer, has also praised the film. Telling fans to keep an eye out on social media for a possible teaser later in the year.

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Annoyingly though, one of the biggest hurdles that The Flash has had to overcome, is the consistent drama of it’s leading actor. Ezra Miller has been in the spotlight for all of the wrong reasons. Assaulting fans, backtalking directors etc. Just everything that nobody really needs to be happening for an upcoming film project is what’s happening to The Flash.

Although Ezra Miller is following a problematic history, it hasn’t stopped some fairly big revelations for the film. Supposedly The Flash will be a soft reboot for the DCEU, which would make a lot of sense. Michael Keaton is also reprising his role as Batman for The Flash, making a lot of fans excited to see what’s gonna happen.

fans are starting to wonder out loud for more emotional and gritty films

There’s just a lot more conversation happening around DC movies than ever before. The Flash is certainly one that fans desperately want to see moving forward, but it’s been so hampered by delays and setbacks.

Films like Wonder Woman 1984 are stuck in limbo in the wake of COVID closures. But, fans are starting to wonder out loud for more emotional and gritty films like Zack Snyder’s Justice League. All of which led to petitions being heard and now the demand for an David Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad is on the prowl across social media.

Recently some news surrounding the cancellation of the film Justice League: Mortal started making rounds across social media. Leaving a lot of fans wondering how different the DCEU would look with George Miller in the lineup. We already have out answer, it sounds like it would’ve been freaking awesome.

Mix in the upcoming shows like the Batman Prequel Series on HBO, Green Lantern Corps and the rumors of upcoming DC Fandome Revelations. This could very well shape up to be DC’s year.

Right now there is no better time to start doubling down on quality streaming shows and DCEU news. Disney and Marvel are falling behind with delays on their movies and the planned MCU shows are pretty much in limbo right now. That’s not to say that this will permanently keep Disney/Marvel at bay, just that DC might have more going for them right now.

Time will tell what happens.


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