The Pandemic Is Affecting More Than Just Us

The Pandemic Is Affecting More Than Just Us

Our daily lives have completely changed during this global pandemic. Our social lives have all but disappeared, our forms of entertainment have been altered, and the world just feels different.

Which is because it is different.

Our world is changing because of the pandemic, and not just in terms of humans. The natural world is being turned upside down right now as well. All of us being indoors for most of our time is having some incredible consequences to the world around us.

The World’s Cities Aren’t Shaking As Much

Because people are spending so much time inside and there aren’t any major events happening, seismologists are seeing a decrease in tremors around the world.

Whereas big cities and sources of population could mask the tremors and shaking of earthquakes and whatnot, now, scientists are able to see the natural quakes with unprecedented clarity. This has opened up a whole new lens and opportunity for seismologists to be able to study the way the inside of our planet works. It’s given them a glimpe into something they have not had in a long, long time.

Less Air Pollution

One of the bittersweet benefits of this whole situation is that the amount of air pollution in the world is dropping. In places with large amounts of air pollution, like China and Europe, satellites are picking up a much cleaner, clearer atmosphere. There has been a substantial drop in nitrogen dioxide, the most common form of air pollutant.

Some experts are even saying that this brief respite in air pollution has already saved plenty of lives around the world, specifically 4,000 young children and 73,000 elderly adults in China.

The Sounds of Cities Are Changing

Everything is a little quieter now, with sound measurements showing sharp decreases in the level of noise that is being produced in cities. Traffic is down, large gatherings gone, and the sounds of nature can actually be heard.

It has been shown that noise pollution can have a negative impact on a person’s health, contributing to feelings of stress, high blood pressure, and more. This quieter world is helping many of us get back to the core of us, helping shed a lot of the stress we carried before this hit.

Quieter Oceans

This quieter state goes beyond just our world as well; the ocean is most likely feeling the benefits as well.

The noise of ships and other maritime activities can increase the stress in marine animals which can then affect their reproductive processes. Whales have been shown to become silent with ships nearby, only taking up their songs again when the ship has left. Right now, these whales, and all animals, are experiencing a break and a moment to breathe during this pandemic.

While the world is certainly in uncharted territory and we are navigating something that we have never seen before. But despite the hardships and the difficulty of this thing, there are some benefits that are being lost amidst the bad news.

The world is going to be changed by this, and some of those changes just may be for the better.

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