Christopher Nolans highly anticipated film Tenet is finally on it's way

Tickets Go On Sale for Tenet, It’s Finally Happening

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2020 will not take this away from us, so help me God. We’ve been waiting and waiting for Tenet to finally get some sort of release date inside of the US. After WB announced that the film was delayed until the end of August for international, and the 3rd of September for the US. Honestly felt like we were never going to get to see the movie in our lifetime.

Now, it appears that the impossible is finally happening and the movie will soon be available to all countries and moviegoers. Tickets for Tenet are officially going on pre-sale starting this upcoming Friday, the 21st. This will be for an advanced showing at select theaters starting on August 31st.

If you would rather wait and see it in the safety of your local IMAX theater, then you’ll have to wait until August 27th. Those tickets will be specifically for the September 3rd public release, at which point it’ll be easy to snag a few stubs.

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believe us when we say; IMAX is the way to experience this film

And if you’re thinking about not seeing this movie in IMAX, you better reconsider that option. With less than 300 VFX shots, dominantly in camera stunts, IMAX native camera filming and Noaln’s signature style, this is going to be epic. 

Nolan has built his filmography career on practical and intense films that evoke strong emotions and intense feelings of anxiety. You always feel like you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for something to happen. Then, when you think you’re safe, you sit back and relax, only for Nolan to rip the carpet out from underneath you. 

All of this plays out well in whatever format you see it in, but believe us when we say; IMAX is the way to experience this film.

Granted, going back to the movies won’t be some super easy weekend activity where the world suddenly made sense. AMC and Cinemark are requiring facial coverings until further notice. And we’re not even sure how long movie theaters will remain open considering the ongoing COVID pandemic. 

Even as numbers improve, we still track new cases every day. It will remain an ongoing problem most likely into next year. Hopefully this is a sign of things coming back, because AMC could really use the capital to stay afloat in the event of a second shutdown.

Despite promising some pretty awesome deals on reopening, AMC still has a lot to prove to people in order to get them back in seats. Us for one, we’re just happy to go to the theater again. We really missed our movie times.


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