Despite some rough delays and a bumpy road, Tenet got to be seen privately by a lucky few crew members

Christopher Nolan Says Tenet Has Less Than 300 VFX Shots

The Master of In-Camera

Now that’s commitment from Christopher Nolan and crew! Neither Nolan nor fans have had any doubt that Tenet is going to be a massive success whenever it finally gets to release. Now, with the news that Tenet will be releasing internationally before coming to the US, there’s some more details coming out about the film.

Christopher Nolan is known for his preference on doing everything as in-camera as humanly possible. Going so far as to build giant rotating hallways for that famous Inception fight scene. And more recently, crashing and blowing up a real life 747 Jumbo Jet because it would look better than a CGI effect. You can’t make this stuff up for this guy, Christopher Nolan is on another level entirely.


“our VFX shot count is probably lower than most romantic comedies”

As the international release comes closer for his much anticipated Tenet film, Nolan recently gave an interview with ICG that went more in depth.

“The visual side of the film is huge in scale, but our VFX shot count is probably lower than most romantic comedies. Visual effects supervisor Andrew Jackson was responsible for coming up with our safety net. We wanted it all in-camera, but if it couldn’t be done, what choices are there in post-production? I like to say Andrew kind of bid himself out of a job because he helped us achieve such an enormous amount practically.”

Let no one ever tell Christopher Nolan that something can’t be done. If he’s proven one thing with his previous filmography, it’s that the man understands practicality and art. Just for reference, prior to Tenet, Nolan’s films were already low on the VFX count. Batman Begins had around 640, Inception had around 500 and The Dark Knight Rises had 450. Considering that most similar genre films average closer to 1000, Christopher Nolan should be commended.

Seeing is Believing

Right now we just have to be patient to see how well the film pulls off this massive undertaking. We have nothing but confidence in the crew that Christopher Nolan put together, but trailers can only tell you so much. Tenet has not had a pleasant ride to get to this point either.

After the COVID pandemic caused the film industry to shut down, Tenet got the bad end of the deal for months. Consistently being delayed before being put on indefinite hold until something could be figured out. Only to receive a hail mary when international countries started reopening theaters and gave Tenet an out.

As of this last week, Tenet will be releasing in over 70 international countries starting August 26th. Eventually making its way to China starting September 4th, and the US on September 3rd. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as long as nothing screws it up.


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