Presidential Candidates 2020: Who is Remaining?

Presidential Candidates 2020: Who is Remaining?

As the Presidential Candidates for 2020 gear up for one of the last rounds before elections, you might be wondering who is left. Is there anyone who has not been making the media rounds, or how many people are left in general.

In no particular order, these are the remaining candidates for the 2020 presidency:

Democratic Party

Democratic Presidential Debate, February 2020

Joseph Biden: With a focus on lower class economic growth and assisting the lower class, Biden has built a strong following. Hoping to build on the Obama administration, he’s promised a lot and plans to follow through on them if elected.

Michael Bloomberg: DROPPED Despite being absolutely trashed in the Democratic debate in February, Bloomberg has stayed. Mostly due to his ability to push advertising for his campaign on nearly every platform due to his immense wealth. He’s been outspoken on his disagreements with progressive politics, earning a following by many.

Tulsi Gabbard: The military veteran Gabbard came out of the gate strong when she announced her running. Her strongest opinion has been on that of the U.S. in foreign affairs and wants to withdraw the U.S. from all foreign wars. Despite her strong opinions and enthusiasm, her average polling sits at only 1%.

Elizabeth Warren: DROPPED Extremely anti corporate and less pragmatic than her peers, Warren has built a following. Many see her as the more business heavy version of Sanders, with her focus on corporate dismantling. Her polling average of 14% does put her in a good spot, long past what many expected from her candidacy.

Bernie Sanders: Whether you know him from last years run or from memes, Sanders has come out strong. Extremely outspoken on his desire to see economic equality reach new heights, Sanders has been at the forefront of the Democratic party. Nonetheless, his 29% polling average and news coverage sees him maintaining his momentum well into the elections.

Republican Party

Donald Trump representing the Republican party at his rally in Colorado Springs, 2020

Donald Trump: A man who needs no introduction. The current president of the United States, he’s made no secrets as to what he hopes to accomplish for the U.S. with stances on economic growth that relies more on ourselves than foreign imports, stronger focuses on anti-immigration policies and increased wages for middle class income.

William Weld: You’d be forgiven for this being your first time hearing about Weld. With very little in the way of polling averages or direct conflict to Trump’s power, he has built a platform as a sort of softer Trump. He wants to refocus on building ties with allies, reversing Trump’s tariffs policies, and withdrawing troops from the Middle East.