UPDATE: Warren Has Not Endorsed Either Runner

UPDATE: Warren Has Not Endorsed Either Runner

Is there a plan for that?

After dropping out of the race earlier this week, Warren has been pretty much radio silent on her plans.

This silence includes who she would like to see as the nominee, saying she doesn’t know who she endorses. Requesting some ‘time to think’, Warren is certainly not giving much hope to either side.

Whether which side she ends up endorsing, she has a limited amount of time before her supporters make up their own minds. Warren’s supporters will most likely splinter off to the other candidates if she doesn’t lead them.


Her supporters could inevitably be a decisive movement. While she did not control a majority she did have a sizable following who were dominantly against Biden and Sanders. Without anyone to tell them who to look into they’ll end up blindly following to whomever strikes their fancy more.

Biden and Sanders have been eating up the limelight for quite a while, with Sanders having a sizable social media presence. Biden is currently ahead of Sanders but maybe for a limited time.

Elizabeth Warren was rather vocal as to what she considered to be the cause of her dropping out.

What do you make of Warren’s statements? Do you think her group will just splinter and add a little bit to each remaining runner? Or do you think Warren will come out and endorse someone soon? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.