Veteran Buys $20,000 Bottle of Bourbon for $40,000 to Help Small Business

Veteran Buys $20,000 Bottle of Bourbon for $40,000 to Help Small Business

Small businesses are receiving a lot of attention right now, and deservedly so, during the current pandemic.

Many small businesses run the risk of closing down as business has slowed due to closures and stay-at-home orders. But there are quite a few people stepping up to help where they can, and that is no more apparent than a veteran who recently purchased a bottle of bourbon for $40,000 to help a small business.

Datz Restaurant Group, owned by Suzanne and Roger Perry, has seen its workforce decrease from 400 to 27 in the wake of closures. The financial situation has been hard, and even after decreasing their staff, they still faced the possibility of not making it through.Which is why they decided to dive into their collection of prized liquor. The gem of the collection is a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Kentucky Bourbon, aged 25 years. They put the bottle on sale for $20,000, expecting maybe $17,000 when it sold.

But then came a call asking about the bottle and the issues the restaurants are struggling with. The caller agreed to stop by to buy the bottle, but when they came, they came with a check for $40,000, double the amount they were asking for.

The caller was a local veteran, whose identity was asked to be kept anonymous. They were a regular customer of Datz properties.

“Roger and I were both speechless and astounded by this generosity,” Suzanne spoke of the situation.

Times like these show us how much we need the good in the world and we love seeing the people spreading it when they can.

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