Wanna Rent An Island In Belize for An Affordable Price?

Wanna Rent An Island In Belize for An Affordable Price?

Have you wanted to rent a house on the middle of an island, occupied by only you and your guest? Well for only $695 a night, you and five guests could stay on an island right off the coast of Belize. Bird Island is 18 minutes away from the village of Placencia surrounded by crystal clear water.

Belize island has three houses which can fit two guests each, and the minimum amount of nights to stay is 4. Inside the houses, there’s the basic essentials: a refrigerator, an oven, beds, bathrooms, Wi-Fi, etc.

Alongside basic amenities, the island also comes with butlers to help cook and provide other needs at a cost, such as drinks and snacks. The hosts also provide the guest with Kayaks to venture the waters.

Although the price may be on the high budget compared to most other hotels, the experience is worth the cost. The island itself is surround by coral reefs, which makes the scuba diving and snorkeling spectacular. It’s only a short boat ride to have some of the best areas to catch local fish. 

For more information visit the company’s website! Or check out the listing on AirBnB!