YMCA Spreading Positive Message in Eastern Maine

YMCA Spreading Positive Message in Eastern Maine

A message of positivity and encouragement that originated in Europe has made its way over to the U.S.

Jillian Rossi, works for the Downeast Family YMCA in Ellworth, Maine. She noticed dozens of photos on Instagram that contained an uplifting message. The pictures were of signs with rainbows on them and an encouraging caption: #everythingwillbeok.

Rossi decided to make her own sign and display it at the top of her driveway, and the YMCA then put out the message on Facebook for families to do the same.

Rossi had this to say about the movement:

“I’m very thankful for everyone involved. Of course the families, but also the staff for the Y. We all just support each other so much. The Y is like a big family, and ‘everything will be ok’ is just pretty much what the Y stands for.”Since they have done that, there have been numerous signs popping up around the area, and the YMCA is thrilled to share them.”

She says that any kind of rainbow sign will work, and to use the phrase “everything will be ok.”

To see the rainbows that have been put up so far, check out the Downeast Family YMCA on Facebook.

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