Throwing chairs and exchanging words, 50 Cent is all over the place!

50 Cent Throws a Chair at Man While Dining in Jersey

Don’t Annoy 50 Cent

During a night out, rapper 50 Cent appears to have taken something personal and gotten into a fight. A newly formed rapper that 50 Cent had issues with in the past appears to have confronted the musician at a restaurant in Jersey.

The video, that was posted to TMZ, appears to show an escalating verbal exchange between 50 Cent and the other man. Eventually, the exchange becomes more and more heated and 50 Cent begins throwing chairs. While it thankfully doesn’t go any further, 50 Cent eventually leaves the restaurant and returns to his vehicle.

According to police, no arrests were made and no charges are planning to be made concerning the incident.

Might be wondering who the other man was that 50 Cent got angry with. Honestly, there does not appear to be any information regarding the other man. Allegedly it’s a musician who got angry with 50 Cent in the past, but we were unable to confirm those reports.
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Assuming that it is the same man; back in June of 2019, a local aspiring rapper got angry with 50 Cent. What did he get angry with him over? Well, 50 Cent wouldn’t look at his Instagram, so he took it as a personal affront.

Sounds kinda childish right? Well, it looks like 50 Cent probably feels the same way. At least if you take him throwing chairs at someone to be a valid response, that is.

Thankfully 50 Cent got the last laugh in on the man. On his own personal Instagram, he posted a T-Shirt to his merchandise store. Simply reading, ‘Just Look at my IG… Your Shit Ain’t Gonna Work’. Well done sir, well done.


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